Snapchat Send And Request Location Is Thankfully Less Invasive

Snapchat seems to need no help from third-party actors to stir up controversy. But, as they say, bad publicity is still publicity. Even before the widely unpopular redesign or the more recent unskippable ads, Snapchat had its always-on location broadcasting Snap Map feature. That potentially privacy-invasive feature eventually sagged after a brief surge of popularity but now Snapchat has found a compromise: a feature that lets you send or request a location when and where you need it and not forever.

Friends often want to know where their friends are. However, they rarely want the world to know where they are. That was the problem that Snapchat encountered with its always-on Snap Map feature. Location sharing is good but broadcasting it is another matter entirely.

In contrast, the Send Location and Request Location that TechCrunch reports on offers more control over who you share location information with and when. First of all, both parties need to be friends with each other. No stalking strangers or forcing your location on the same.

The duration is also more limited this time around. It isn't forever and automatically stops 8 hours after you last opened the app. Of course, you can also cancel sharing your location with someone at any time you wish.

Snap Map is arguably one of the social network's more unique features but its location broadcasting effectively scared off many users. This more intimate version could pull those users back in and boost Snapchat's sagging popularity once more.