Snapchat rolls out Story Playlists, ending Auto Advance frustrations

Frequent Snapchat users will be pleased to hear about a set of changes coming to the app's popular Story feature. The first is a removal of the Auto Advance setting, which would automatically play every new video from friends, jumping to one after the other, when you only wanted to watch one. Replacing this is something new called Story Playlists, which lets users choose which friends' videos they want to watch and in what order.

Now users can choose to watch a single Story with no automatic advancement to the next recent update, or they can manually select a handful of Stories, and then hit the play button on the bottom of the screen to watch them in the same order. To add a story, just tap the thumbnail to left of a friend's name.

The only drawback at this point is that the playlists aren't persistent, meaning you can't save the list of friends to watch just their videos every day; you'll have to manually select their Stories each time. Also, ads will be played in-between every few videos, just as they were in auto advance, but they'll now be played at the end of individual story videos as well.

Snapchat notes that these new changes are rolling out now for select Android users, but will soon be available for everyone on both iOS and Android.

SOURCE Snap Inc.