Snapchat Quick Tap to Snap on Pixel 6 may be first of many

This morning Google and Snap announced a set of features that'll launch on Google Pixel 6 exclusively. Or exclusively for a period of time, at least. This will be the first time the Snapchat Camera will be "accessible directly from a phone lock screen."

Earlier this year, a beta build of Android 12 revealed a feature called "Quick Tap." With this feature, users of the Google Pixel 5 were able to "use Quick Tap." This feature can be found in Settings – System – Gestures, and it allows users to "tap back of phone twice" to access a number of shortcuts.

With the beta release of the feature on Pixel 5, users were able to play/pause media, pull down notifications, open Recent Apps, open Google Assistant, or open a user-set app. It's highly likely we'll see other "Quick Tap" custom-coded features for Pixel devices in the future, too.

But for now, it'll start with Snapchat. As announced alongside the Google Pixel 6, "Quick Tap to Snap" will make the Snapchat Camera accessible from the Pixel 6 lock screen. This system will allow users to capture media – but will require unlock to access the rest of the Snapchat app.

Snapchat also noted that Pixel 6 will "launch exclusive augmented reality Lenses". Snapchat will also support live translation with the Pixel 6 "within Snapchat's camera and chat." It's suggested that users will be able to "take wide angle Snaps and also talk to your friends in more than 10 languages, and translate conversations in real-time."

Before we get too far here – these features aren't out right now. You cannot get "Quick Tap to Snap" on your phone here on the 19th of October, 2021. This (and similar features) will launch "over the coming months" – while Quick Tap itself will quite likely be active on the Pixel 6 when it's released to the public. The Google Pixel 6 itself will be released by the end of October, 2021.