Snapchat, online studios buddy up for new 'SnapperHero' mini series

The latest Snapchat news is a bit weird, to understate things. The company is apparently on the prowl to attract entertainment entities, as it'll be shoving a new series of sorts into users' feeds soon: SnapperHero. This series will be comprised of several short video episodes starring popular users from Vine and YouTube as superheroes; Snapchat won't actually be involved in the creation process. A couple studios will be taking care of that part, and oddly enough, AT&T will be helping foot the bill.

SnapperHero will be a series about superheroes, as its name suggests. Astronauts Wanted and Fullscreen Inc., both of them being online studios, are on board with the project. A dozen "episodes" ranging up to 200 seconds in length will be created, and given Snapchat's nature, they'll all fizzle away after a while.

Anna Akana and Freddie Wong, both of YouTube fame, are on board as well, and will help hawk the series to a digital fanbase via their social accounts. This is the first scripted series of its kind for Snapchat, and it'll likely serve to show potential advertisers and others the possibilities it offers.

It isn't entirely clear when the series will be arriving, though users will find it in their feeds when it does launch. Before that happens, though, the social media push will kick off to get users ready for its arrival, so keep an eye open.

SOURCE: Bloomberg