Snapchat finally fixes a bug causing the app to crash

Users of social networking apps such as Snapchat tend to get very upset when a flaw in the app prevents them from keeping in touch with friends and family. Recently, a bug in the app for iOS users was causing the app to crash at launch. Snapchat confirmed the issue with a tweet pinned in its support channel stating that it was working on the problem.

Uses you experience the crash stated that when they tried to launch the app, they received the message that something went wrong and the app would crash. The good news is Snapchat has now issued an update bringing the app to version With that version of the app applied, the crash reportedly stops.

Snapchat Support tweeted that the issue was resolved on June 28 at 5:23 PM. The tweet told users still having trouble with the app to manually update to version via the App Store. However, numerous users replied to the tweet about the issue being fixed, stating that they were still locked out of their accounts and some accounts showed they were permanently locked.

It's unclear whether there is still an issue with the latest update for some users or if these users are just having problems with their accounts. It's been a while since we last talked about Snapchat. The last time was in February when the Snapchat Friend Check Up reminded users to clean up their list of friends. In January, Snapchat permanently banned President Trump.

Snapchat wasn't alone in preventing President Trump from reaching his followers on social media. Both Facebook and YouTube also suspended his accounts.