Snapchat Do Not Disturb mode sneakily added

Social media can be great for staying in touch with friends and family you don't see enough, but we all have that one friend who takes things a little too far. This is the type of person who seems to live on social media, always updating their feeds, sending out messages, and keeping everyone in the loop when it comes to their daily goings-on. In short: These types of people can't resist sharing everything on social media, and now Snapchat is doing something about it.

Snapchat recently revealed to TechCrunch that it rolled a "Do Not Disturb" feature into its app of the same name a few weeks ago. You won't be reading about this new feature in a Snap blog post, though, as it seems this launch was a silent one. Still, we don't need a explanation from Snap to understand how it works or what its purpose is.

Essentially, Snap's implementation of Do Not Disturb is similar to what we see from other services like Facebook and Messenger. You're able to select an individual user or group by tapping and holding on their name and then flipping on the "Do Not Disturb" switch in the menu that pops up. After that, you'll stop receiving push notifications when they post a new snap without the awkwardness associated with removing them from your friends list entirely.

This is basically the best of both words: you get the silence you so crave while that overactive friend of yours never knows that you've put them into Do Not Disturb mode. This isn't the only feature that's made a silent debut, as users will also find that they now have more options when it comes to adding text to their snaps. This new "Type Mode" revamps text with a number of new fonts and styles, along with the ability to add multiple words to a single snap, borrowing functionality from stickers.

It seems strange that Snapchat wouldn't publicize these additions, especially as it's trying to play keep up to Instagram. Instagram has been adding more and more features in an effort to push Snapchat out of its own market, so you'd think that Snap would want to publicize any new features as often as possible. In any case, these features have been live in Snapchat for a little while now, so if you're just finding out about them now, go ahead and give them a try.