Snapchat ads unskippable: How to delete (the app)

A new feature on Snapchat makes 6-second advertisements unskippable. They're real, they're here, and they're not going away any time soon. As such, it's time to discuss once again how to delete an app – namely Snapchat. It's actually pretty easy when it comes down to it. If you just want to get rid of notifications, we've got a guide for that too.

In true jack-a$$ form, Deadpool is amongst the first to bring about unskippable advertisements on Spotify. I'm still going to see that movie, but COME ON guys. A few other non-skip ads up this week include the movie Adrift, the device Samsung Galaxy S9, and some foods.

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If you're just DONE with Snapchat and you're using an iPhone, your next step is easy. Hold your finger down on the app icon – don't push too hard – and wait. The app should produce a tiny "X" on it – tap it. Tap that little X and delete that app forevermore. There's still time to avoid installing the app in the first place, too, if you've not already done so.

If you're using an Android device and you just CAN'T with Snapchat, it's time to delete. Hold your finger down upon the app until you get the option to "Uninstall" or "delete" or "Get Info" a the top of your smartphone's display. At that point, drag the app up and drop it. Inside "Get Info" you'll find an "Uninstall" button like you were looking for.

You might also just want to go ahead and get rid of mobile notifications. That's pretty easy too. It'll take your stress level down to near-zero, if that's what you're all about. Or maybe you're addicted to the feeling you get when you see someone might've sent you a new message. If that's how it is, may whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul.