Snakebyte to launch first third party PS3 Move controllers in April

Snakebyte is a newer name in the gaming and game console accessory market back at CES the company unveiled a new PS3 Blu-ray remote control and it also has controls for the Wii and lots more. The latest product to be announced by Snakebyte are the first third party Move controllers to be announced. The controllers are design for the PS3 to allow gamers to get in on the motion control action.

The new Snakebyte controllers are called the MOV-CON and NAV-CON and will land in North America in April. Both of the controllers are designed to be comfortable with gray/black handles to make them look different from the official Sony controllers. Both of the Snakebyte controllers have USB ports for future firmware updates.

Near the end of Q2 Snakebyte will also offer the controls in red, white, and blue colors and there will be a special version called the Snakebyte-edition that will be in the company colors. Those colors appear to be grey and green. "It's been a long, hard road to bring the snakebyte Move line to market," said Howard Borenstein, President of Sunflex USA. "The redesigned handle grip and various color options for the MOV-CON and NAV-CON will both differentiate our product and provide the consumer with the opportunity to have more control, personalization and enjoyment in game play."