"Smurfs 2" is the first UHD Blu-Ray Disc to be pirated

Smurfs 2 might not be a memorable film, but it would probably go down in history in a notorious way. And not through any fault of its own, mind you. Almost comically, the film will be remembered in the piracy scene as the first title to have an Ultra HD, some would (incorrectly) call it 4K, copy ripped from a supposedly tightly protected UHD Blu-Ray Disc. In other words, the age of UHD BR piracy might be at hand.

Like it or not, and many companies definitely don't, piracy isn't going anywhere. Companies will continue making stronger DRM (Digital Rights Management) tools and software, which only fires up crackers and even computer scientists all the more. In the end, it's mostly simply a matter of time before someone breaks the encryption open.

That does seem to be the case here with the Ultra HD Blu-Ray copy of the Smurfs 2. This is supposedly protected by AACS 2.0 encryption, which, until today, has been considered the toughest nut to crack. torrent tracker UltraHDClub, however, just proved that it could be done after all. With enough patience and desperation to spread the Smurfs love around.

So the Smurfs 2 in glorious UHD is (not legally) available for download somewhere. But, depending on your situation, you might not really want to. The file size is a whopping 53.30 GB, which would take a day or more on most people's Internet connections.

Of course, this isn't really a glowing recommendation of piracy but more of a testament to how even the strongest walls can be drilled into by the sharpest and most insistent minds. Some have advocated doing away with DRM altogether, as it has proven ineffective but costly. Of course, companies in the entertainment industry, whether film, music, or games, insist otherwise.

VIA: TorrentFreak