Smooth Creations Smoothbook DR Notebook is a desktop replacement

So much of the excitement in the world of notebooks has to do with netbooks these days that bigger more hulking laptops get overlooked. But one glance at the Smoothbook DR Notebook by Smooth Creations and the thing demands your attention.

For starters, the Smoothbook DR Notebook features an awesome paint job that is well protected and of high quality. Plus, the mural-esque paint job wraps around the case to even the interior of the notebook. You can even get a custom design, if you wish. Specs include a quad core processor, Blu-ray, SSD in RAID 0, 4GB of RAM and more.

This thing performs like a beast but it does have a beast of a price tag as well. Costing just over $6,000, this laptop is a serious commitment. But, if you're looking for a notebook that can actually pull its own weight as a desktop, this might be perfect for you, especially if you have extra cash to spend.