Smash Bros. Ultimate's next DLC character has a very unique fighting style

We knew that the next DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be someone from ARMS, but today, Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed just which character it is. While most of us may have expected to see Spring Man or Ribbon Girl join the Ultimate roster, we're actually getting Min Min. As you probably already assumed, Min Min will bring a rather unique fighting style with her, given that ARMS is all about fighting from a distance.

Indeed, during Sakurai's showcase today, he revealed that Min Min is a fighter who is very good at long-range combat. Her arms can extend to cover a significant portion of the stage, and since the A button controls one arm and the B button controls another, you can quickly combo punches. You can even send one arm in one direction and then send the other in the opposite direction, covering even more ground with your attacks.

Min Min can move while her arms are extended, allowing her to readjust on the fly to keep her distance. Making sure you stay away from opponents is key to playing Min Min too, because her attack animations can take a long time, which means they can be easily avoided or blocked using a shield. When there's a lot of space between you and your opponent, that's no big deal, but when they're in your face, it can leave you open to a counter attack.

Min Min has three different arm attachments she can switch between by using down special. This will only change the attachment on the right arm, but you've got three options: the Ramram, which is a low-powered, fast striking arm; the Dragon, which is more of a mid-tier arm (and the attachment that's always on Min Min's left arm); and finally, the Megawatt, which is slow moving but deals a ton of damage when it connects.

As always, Min Min will be launching with a new stage, Spring Stadium, and a collection of music tracks. Instead of just receiving a few music tracks, we're getting 18 tracks in total – nearly all of the music from ARMS, according to Sakurai. Min Min will be out on June 29th and is available as a standalone bundle with her stage and music tracks for $5.99, or as the first DLC character in the $29.99 Fighters Pack Vol. 2.