Smash Bros Mii gameplay trailer shows how you’ll do battle

Chris Burns - Jun 10, 2014
Smash Bros Mii gameplay trailer shows how you’ll do battle

This week Nintendo is aiming to up the anti with their Super Smash Bros. next generation release, starting with Smash Bros Mii characters. This means you’ll be able to create your own Mii character to play in Smash Bros. – for now just inside Wii U.

Three different types of Smash Bros Mii characters will be able to be created, each with their own set of abilities. Brawlers, Swordfighters, and Gunners will each be able to run with their own separate set of skills which you will compile. While each Smash Bros. character will still have their own unique set of skills, Mii characters will have more skills than their competitors – the battle is on!


What you’re going to see below is the first release of gameplay with Mii characters in Smash Bros. This is shown inside of the Super Smash Bros Wii U version of the game, while again – we’re not certain that these little creatures will be appearing in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.

Above you’ll see gameplay from the first presentation of the Mii characters from Super Smash Bros. Below is the first teaser trailer for these oddities – super big time fight action!

Mii characters will be active in the first release of Super Smash Bros Wii U when it appears later this year. Characters will be fully customizable, and you’ll be able to create whatever characters you like, just like the original Mii. Jump in and smash the lot!

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