Smarty Pins from Google brings trivia to Maps

Nate Swanner - Jul 1, 2014
Smarty Pins from Google brings trivia to Maps

Think you’re smart, do ya? Well, Google might have you beat (no, they do, don’t even try to argue that). Geography, with it’s ever-changing place in this world, can be a tough subject. Even tougher is finding areas on a world map, even when you know the answer. If you dare, give Google’s latest experiment Smarty Pins a shot.

Smarty Pins is a trivia/geography game that tests your knowledge of topics as well as their actual location. The song “Gangnam Style” might be about a nouveau-riche part of Seoul, South Korea — but could you point out where it is? More importantly, could you point it out quickly?

If you could, Smarty Pins is right up your alley, smarty pants. Using miles like points, Smarty Pins offers up some cool topical discussions like where Graceland is (Memphis), or where Dave Chappelle cut his comedic teeth (New York). Run out of miles, and the game is over.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.32.49 PM

The more questions you answer, the more detailed Smarty Pins gets. For instance, an answer to one question might be within the city limits of a place, but you’ll need to zoom in on the map to place the pin in the exact location. It’s a clever way to increase difficulty, and keeps you learning the entire time. You even get trophies based on how well you do!

Smarty Pins could also be a useful tool in teaching kids a bit more about Geography, but keep in mind it might be useful for older kids — and they’d likely need your help. You can, however, choose topics, letting you focus on one area (like history). Smarty Pins will make you feel pretty dumb, but also leave you with a bit more knowledge than you walked into the game with.

Source: Smarty Pins

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