SmartThings Tracker packs LTE-M, GPS for tracking people, pets and more

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 10, 2018, 4:56 pm CDT
SmartThings Tracker packs LTE-M, GPS for tracking people, pets and more

Samsung has introduced SmartThings Tracker, a new tracking device that features LTE-M and GPS for tracking items like bags and keys. The system supports real-time tracking using an app available for Android and iOS. Even better, the tracking device can double as an arrival sensor to trigger certain Internet of Things devices, such as a connected porch light that turns on when you get home.

As with Tile, Samsung’s new Tracker is a small square-shaped tracking item that can be attached to various items, as well as pets and even people. Someone can, for example, put it on a set of keys to help locate them if they’re misplaced; it can also be put on a bag while traveling or on a child who is off playing away from parents’ line of sight.

The new SmartThings device enables someone with the tracker to send location notifications their family via the SmartThings app, a feature that could be useful during vacations. As mentioned, the tracker can also be used as a way to trigger smart home devices upon arrival, ensuring the right light, for example, is already on when the user gets home.

Samsung says the inclusion of LTE-M allows its Tracker to offer a greater signal range than Bluetooth, increasing accuracy and offering tracking in more places. The device is compatible with existing Works With SmartThings Internet of Things devices, including security cameras and more.

The tracking ability is suitable for outdoor locations thanks to Tracker’s IP68 rating, which means it is resistant to water like rain. According to Samsung, its tracking device runs for up to a week before needing charged, though runtime ultimately depends on how it is used.

Starting September 14, buyers will be able to purchase SmartThings Tracker from AT&T; it’ll also launch at Verizon some time later in 2018. The Tracker itself costs $99 and will include the initial year of service for free; after that, buyers will be able to pay either $50 for a full year of service or $5/month.

SOURCE: BusinessWire

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