SmartShopper gets new design and other enhancements

One of the things that I hate most about having to go shopping is having to make a list of what I need. I know that I will forget something between looking in the pantry and writing the stuff down. I also have bad handwriting and end up not being able to read my own list a lot of the time. If you are like me and want a easier way to make your shopping lists the cool SmartShopper may be just the ticket.

The SmartShopper has been around for a while now. However, has just been updated with a new design and a new price. The design is more modern looking and the thing sells for less than it used to at $79.99. The core functionality of the SmartShopper is still the same though with a voice recognition system that allows you to make a list that prints just by pressing a button and speaking your list.

The gadget automatically separates what you tell it you need into sections so you don't end up running from one side of the store to the other and back to get all your dairy and other items. All dairy products are together, paper products and so on. The device also has a flag that allows you to note when you have coupons for something. An integrated thermal printer spits out your list so no ink cartridges are needed. The device uses four AA batteries and replacement paper can be purchased from SmartshopperUSA.