Smartphone global shipments increase 6% in Q2 2013

The International Data Corporation, more commonly known as the IDC, has revealed its smartphone shipment numbers for the second quarter of this year, showing a global increase of 6-percent over the same quarter last year. The growth, at least in part, was the result of makers other than the top 5, such as Huawei and Alcatel, seeing a boost in shipments.

The growth seen by these lower-on-the-rung handset makers outpaced the overall market growth, and in some instances resulted in triple-digit growth rates for makers who typically fall low on the totem pole. The total shipments for the second quarter of the year amounted to 432.1 million phones, while the same quarter last year came in at 407.7 million.

In addition, the handset makers that aren't part of the top 5 saw an increase in their representation of the shipment volume, increasing year-on-year this quarter from 42.2-percent to 44.8-percent. Samsung is at the top with 72.4 million shipments this quarter, and Apple is in second at 31.2 million shipments. From there – and in order – is LG, Lenovo, ZTE, and then the rest.

While Samsung and Apple are both still the dominate players in the market, those that fall outside of the "Top 5" are seeing a rise in sales, predominately in China and India where demand is increasing. IDC says that there is "ample opportunity" for vendors that have something new to bring to the market.

IDC's Mobile Phone Research Manager Ramon Llamas said: "While Samsung and Apple accounted for significant share of the overall market, they were not the only vendors active in the high end of the market, and recent device introductions and upcoming launches signal more vendors targeting this space. Comparisons will certainly be made to the flagship Galaxy and iPhone models, but clearly the competition refuses to be shut out altogether."