SmartHalo leads you to your destination

In many big cities around the world, the best way to get around is on a bicycle rather than in a car. Bicyclists still need to be able to navigate their way to an unfamiliar location and a new device has debuted that will make your bike smarter. That device is the SmartHalo and it is aimed directly at urban cyclists.

The device has military grade lock to prevent theft while allowing you to keep it on your handlebars. It has an intuitive nav system that shows you the quickest and safest routed to a destination. It also has metric recording capability and a built in front light.

That front light lights your path in the dark. The green semi-circle rotates to point the direction you need to turn at an intersection. SmartHalo works in conjunction with an app that runs on your smartphone.

If you miss a turn and need to turn around, the device will show a red semi-circle pointing to the back. The app also reminds you where you parked your bike. Metrics tracked include time, distance, speed, calories, and elevation. SmartHalo is seekign a bit over $50,000 and has raised over $122,000 on Kickstarter so far. A pledge of about $99 or more will get you a SmartHalo device.

SOURCE: Kickstarter