Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser mouse has an interesting design

Smartfish has unveiled an interesting new notebook mouse that has a design different from any other notebook mouse on the market. The new mouse is called the Whirl and it has what Smartfish calls an anti-gravity comfort pivot on the bottom. The pivot looks sort of like a stand that is built into the mouse.

The stand allows the mouse to pivot as you move it around with the idea that the pivoting motion allows you to keep your hand in a more comfortable and natural position to make mousing more comfortable. The Whirl uses laser technology and has an 800 dpi sensor.

The mouse will work with both Mac and PCs and has an ambidextrous design. That means righties and lefties can play with this thing. It uses 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and power comes from an included battery. It will be offered in carbon fiber, black, blue, silver, red, and white colors. You can order the mouse right now for $49.95.