Smart Rod Sensor is a fishing rod tracker to monitor catches

If you're serious about fishing as a sport, Cyberfishing has a new product that'll help keep track of your success over time. Called Smart Rod Sensor, the device is exactly what it sounds like: a smart sensor that attaches to fishing poles, where it tracks the number of fish the user has caught, shuttling the data off to a companion smartphone app.

The Smart Rod Sensor is a small tracking device that attaches to an existing fishing rod using two small rubber bands. The device has a light weight, which Cyberfishing says is light enough to avoid interfering with the rod's performance. The user doesn't have to mess with the sensor at all — they fish like normal while the sensor keeps track.

All fishing activity is tracked and recorded by the Smart Rod Sensor, but users also have the ability to save the location of a particularly notable catch by pressing a button. All of this information is presented in a related mobile app, which shows users the locations of where they went fishing and where they actually caught fish.

Users are given access to other relevant data, such as how long they spent fishing at a particular location, the number of trophies they caught, the total number of fish, and how many times they cast. Data on fish species, lure, and tackle can also be recorded, and the user can optionally take and upload pictures of each fish.

Environmental data is also gathered by the tracker, including the ambient temperature, how cloudy it was when a fish was caught, the precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, and pressure. Cyberfishing is offering the Smart Rod Sensor for preorder at $88.88 USD; shipping dates aren't clear at this time.