Smart Car gets covered in crochet

Shane McGlaun - Jul 13, 2010
Smart Car gets covered in crochet

My grandmother once crocheted me some mittens when I was a kid. They were the itchiest things ever to exist on earth. I never wore them and hoped that she would never again give me something made from yarn. Somewhere a grandma worked very hard to make this Smart Car cover.

I wonder how long it took the person who made the cover the entire car in yarn. The cover appears to follow the body lines of the car very well. The Smart Cars are small, but that is a lot of work. It sort of looks like the Smart Car crashed into a bus full of little blue haired ladies.

I recognize the hard work someone put into this car cover. That said, I didn’t think it was possible to make a Smart Car look worse than it did from the factory, but I was wrong.

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