Small Star Wars drones are big in speed and price

Star Wars and drones are almost the perfect mix, but very few have actually turned that into a commercially available dream come true. Sure, there are a few DIYs here and there, but few, if not none, you can buy off the shelf. Well, consider those prayers answered, at least partially, as Propel kicks off pre-orders for its Star Wars Battle Drones. They don't only look like the real thing (almost), they are also half-decent but somewhat small drones that can travel at a max of 35 mph.

These drones are unlike most consumer drones in the market. They sport what is called a reverse propulsion system. In a nutshell, that means their propellers are at the bottom instead of the top. They lift off and hover by pushing air downwards instead of the conventional aerodynamics similar to a helicopter.

The change was necessary in order for the drones to have designs that are as faithful to the real Star Wars vehicles as possible. There's even a miniature storm trooper sitting on one. The tiny propellers are barely visible, especially when they start flying. And boy can they fly.

Their ties to Star Wars, however, isn't limited to their design and branding. After all. what would Star Wars be without spaceship fights and dogfights. The brochure talks about having aerial battles with up 24 pilots, blasting each other and taking down other drones with "lasers".

The catch? Each drone costs 230 GBP (roughly $280) and, at least for now, only on pre-order outside the US. Available models include the 74-Z Speeder Bike, the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, and Vader's Tie Advanced X1. Conspicuously missing from retailer Firebox's list is the Millennium Falcon.

VIA: Gizmodo