Small Massachusetts town votes to keep arcade games illegal

Shane McGlaun - May 9, 2011
Small Massachusetts town votes to keep arcade games illegal

I have heard of some strange laws on the books in many towns around the country that have been there for years and just haven’t been removed. A little town in Massachusetts called Marshfield has had a law on the books that bans any coin operated arcade game for 29 years. It would have been a much bigger deal back in the 80’s than it is today. Apparently, home video games are fine in the town.

Marshfield is a town of 4,297 residents and it is about 25 miles southeast of Boston. The recent vote on whether to drop the ban was 655 for and 554 against keeping the ban in place. The supporters of the ban say the games are a nuisance and they feel that the video games are bad for kids. I am surprised they haven’t tried to vote video games in the home illegal. A movie about this town could be a cross between Footloose and Tron.

The last time the citizens were able to vote to continue or lift the ban was in 1994. At the time, the people that voted to keep the ban feared that allowing games in would open the door to adult entertainment. Arcades and strippers are commonly found together after all. NOT. Apparently, the ban has been pushed as far as the state attorney general and superior court and the Mass. Supreme court and the right to ban the games was upheld.

[via Yahoo]

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