Slurp gobbles up files and spits them out to other devices

I'm not sure what to make of this Slurp thing. It's a digital eyedropper type device that is made to work in conjunction with tech on a computer or other device. In the video attached to the Make page, you can get an idea of how it works.

The guy showing Slurp off squeezes the bulb and lets it go as if you were aspirating a fluid with a dropper to copy a file from a PC. Once the file is inside the Slurp device, he then goes to a second computer and squeezes the bulb like you would do to squirt a liquid from a dropper to transfer the file to the new machine.

After all that is done the guy then squirts the file over to a set of speakers sitting on a desk a few feet away and a music track starts playing. Now here is the part I am not sure what to make of. The song that starts playing is the Rick Astley track "Never Gonna Give You Up" otherwise known as the Rickrolled track. So what is the guy trying to tell us? Is this fake? All I know is its pretty darn cool, even if it is fake.