Slingshot slip and slide is awesomely dangerous

Back in the day, the staple of summer for me and my brother was the Slip and Slide. We would spend hours sliding on that that thing until we were lobster red from friction and sunburns. Some adults still play with the Slip and Slide today, but a lot of those adults go much more extreme than they did in their youth.

Take these people for instance that have cooked up what might be the most intense Slip and Slide ever on what appears to be a pond somewhere. The extreme sliding is done with the rider on some sort of lake toy that is meant to be pulled behind a boat. They hooked a towrope to the back of a four-wheeler and routed it through a pulley on the back of a truck to pull/slingshot the rider off the end of the ramp.

When you go big on this thing, you go really big. Some of the riders were flying 120 feet through the air. It looked like some of the high-flying daredevils nearly hit the other bank of the pond. I would not try this at all. It looks like quadriplegia waiting to happen to me.

[via The High Definite]