SlingPlayer Mobile 1.1 adds native iPhone DISH control, international 3G support

Chris Davies - Aug 11, 2009

Whether or not there’s PR leverage to be had in prematurely announcing your submission to Apple’s App Store approval process remains to be seen, but it does give us a sneak-peak as to what’s (hopefully) coming down the pipe.  Sling Media have tipped us on their latest iPhone and iPod touch app, SlingPlayer Mobile 1.1, which now includes full 16:9 widescreen support (i.e. that takes up the whole width of the display) and improved DISH Network integration.

Whereas in the first-gen version of the app DISH Network users had to navigate from a streamed image of the TV UI, Sling have now created a native browser for trawling the service.  It actually offers more functionality than a standard DISH Network box might give you when you’re sat in front of the TV, too, as there’s search and filtering on offer.

While AT&T and Apple have still not changed their tune on 3G streaming – and the version of SlingPlayer Mobile submitted for inclusion in the US App Store only supports it over WiFi – the company have submitted a second version for international use that enables 3G access.  Sling Media tell us they’ve “not heard back” on whether that second app will be approved or not.

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