Slingbox announces new 350 and 500 models

In what was a seemingly strange move, two new Slingbox models – the 350 and 500 – appeared earlier this month on Best Buy shelves with nary a peep of announcement. This sudden appearance of new models left us scratching our heads, but stranger things have happened. Fast forward one week, and Slingbox has officially announced the release of the two models.

The first model, the Slingbox 350 shown above, is the more economical option of the two, and offers full HD 1080p video streaming and integrated IR emitters. The Slingbox 500 model offers both of those features, in addition to built-in WiFi, USB storage, a remote, and HDMI/component video ports. Both of the models have been redesigned over previous models, and have a new chassis. Perhaps surprisingly, neither the 350 nor the 500 have an ATSC tuner.

Slingbox works by allowing you to toggle your home media content so that it's available wherever you go. You can use your Slingbox to watch a show in a different room of your house, for example, or to watch your DVR content while away from home. These products are two of many that aim to remove the restraints of your current DVR and TV system without adding another monthly subscription fee into the mix.

Despite its surprise appearance at Best Buy, it won't be officially available until October 14th. Prices haven't been announced yet. Although the picture circulating of the two accidentally-put-out-too-early products have price tags under them, both are for different items.