Sling TV intros "Sling Latino" service with 22 channels

Sling TV, the live television service offered by Dish Network, has slowly expanded its content offerings for Spanish-speaking subscribers, but today it has blown the doors open, launching a new "Sling Latino" service that brings with it nearly two dozen live channels for $12/month, and a lesser package with 16 channels for $7/month. This includes some of the top Spanish-speaking channels from well known networks, and includes on demand content. For those in certain countries there are some extra perks.

Sling TV announced the new service this evening, saying it is launching a new brand called "Sling Latino". The service went live today, and brings with it two packages: a "Paquete Total" package that includes 22 channels and costs $12 per month, and a "Paquete Esencial" package that brings 16 channels for $7 per month.

There are also two packages that offer channels popular in Colombia and Spain, and users also have the option of expanding the content package they get with some English content from its "Best of Live TV" option.

As with the English service, the Latino option doesn't require a contract or commitment or anything of the sort. For those unfamiliar, Sling TV works with a core package of channels available for a set price, and allows other packages to be added on as optional offering for typically $5 per package. We've all the news on the service in the timeline below!

SOURCE: Business Wire