Sling TV Cloud DVR feature launches on Amazon devices

Sling TV has announced the availability of its new Cloud DVR feature for subscribers accessing the service via an Amazon Fire, Amazon Fire Stick, or a Fire tablet. The service is an add-on subscription that tacks an extra five dollars onto a subscriber's monthly rate. The DVR feature provides 50 hours of content storage and conflict-free recording.

The lack of a DVR feature has been one of the biggest points of criticism surrounding Sling TV, something amplified by competitors' DVR features (YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue, namely). That changes today, at least for some users, as Sling rolls out a 'First Look' at the new cloud storage option. Users will only get access if they sign up for the feature.

Once content is recorded on the DVR, subscribers can watch it across all of their supported devices, including non-Amazon ones, it seems. Multiple episodes or movies can be recorded at the same time, though Sling cautions that not all channels will support the DVR feature.

Furthermore, the company says its cloud DVR recordings won't expire, so users can keep them as long as they'd like. Users, of course, can manage the recordings including deleting ones they no longer want, and having the oldest watched shows automatically purged to make room for new unwatched episodes. Apple TV users are next in the pipeline to get the cloud DVR access.

SOURCE: Sling TV Blog