Sling TV Cloud DVR feature arrives on Apple TV

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 24, 2017, 6:10pm CDT
Sling TV Cloud DVR feature arrives on Apple TV

Following its unveiling last year, Sling TV launched its new Cloud DVR add-on feature for Roku and Android devices in mid-April. Now the company has expanded that availability, bringing its DVR feature to the Apple TV, as previously promised. With the feature, Sling TV subscribers who pay an extra fee will be able to save movies and TV shows for viewing after the show has finished airing.

Sling TV is rolling its Cloud DVR feature out slowly, though it now covers three major platforms: Android, Roku, and Apple TV. With it, subscribers pay an extra $5/month to get 50 hours of video storage in the cloud. The Cloud DVR feature works similar to competing offerings from PlayStation Vue and similar, deleting the oldest videos first once the 50 hours are filled.

Anyone who uses this Cloud DVR feature will be able to keep content as long as they want; it likewise supports rewinding, fast-forwarding, and pausing content. Subscribers can delete content manually when they no longer want it, ultimately using this to complement the service’s existing on-demand content. Adding the Cloud DVR feature keeps Sling TV competitive with other OTT services, addressing one of the biggest complaints about the service.

Sling Media advises that the AirTV Player doesn’t work with the Cloud DVR feature, though its working suggests this may change in the future. All saved content is recorded ‘conflict-free,’ meaning shows can be recorded simultaneously without clashing. Any content that hasn’t been watched won’t be deleted, as well, because the auto-management software automatically deletes the oldest watched shows first.

SOURCE: Sling TV Blog

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