Slim WM6 cellphone concept hides collaboration-friendly projector

Texas Instruments may have made a working prototype, but in style terms it's nowhere near as attractive as designer Stefano Casanova's WM6 concept.  A candybar format with a nifty swiveling screen that hides a dinky projector assembly, it's super-slim and would seemingly have a touch-sensitive display since it lacks context buttons.


Of course, the reason TI's phone looks so much chunkier than this concept is that they actually had to fit all the working guts into it, whereas Stefano only had to make it look pretty.  Nonetheless, expect to see more interesting concept of this sort mixing personal displays (for the individual user) and collaborative one (for team meetings and family gatherings).  And lest you think it's all PowerPoint and similar misery, how about Pocket Doom projected onto the nearest wall?

Stefano Casanova [via Akihabara]