Slim PSP Reviewed

Weighing in close to 100 grams lighter than its predecessor the new, slimmer PSP also has other promising features. Of them is the potential for VoIP in a future firmware upgrade.

So how did the PSP lose all its "extra baggage"? Firstly by removing the love-handles on the back that were for gripping, then moving a bunch of stuff around. Such as the wifi switch to the top, the speakers to the top and closer to the screen.

New or upgraded features include the TV output and a new slot loading UMD drive that is apparently far easier to use and seemingly less prone to breakage. There is also some new news surrounding the white slim PSP, namely the fact that it is to be coupled with Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, oh and it has Darth Vader emblazoned upon the back of the PSP.

Hands On With The Slim PSP, Star Wars Fans Pay Attention [via CrunchGear]