Slice gets a refresh; online shopping addicts rejoice

Nate Swanner - Jul 11, 2014
Slice gets a refresh; online shopping addicts rejoice

Shopping online can be dangerously easy, and you probably don’t need encouragement. An app that’s well versed in your online shopping habits just got a lot better, bringing up memories of massive credit card bills and patiently waiting for packages to arrive. Slice has been almost totally reworked to feed your shopping — and shipping — obsession.

Slice makes it’s home as a package tracker, scanning your email for package content and logging status updates. The redesign will now let you pin items to the top of the list, so you can obsess on that pre-order package that is set to arrive in a few months.

“Slice and Dice” is Slice’s way of breaking down your spending — a handy feature when you’re pretty sure you’ve spent too much on electronics. Slice will break your spending out into categories, so you know just how much you’re spending and where it goes.

Lastly, Slice’s “Discover” section gives you important information for product recalls on the things you buy, but does one more frightening thing. Discover will inform you of price drops on items, so you know when to strike. Not only will Slice track your package, it will tell you when to order.

There are other services which do things Slice does, but none as well or comprehensively. Google Now will keep track of packages, but it’s not as nice an interface as Slice. Other apps out there do somethings Slice does, but Slice wraps a few neat features from several apps into one. You get the money managing nuance of Mint, and the package tracking capability of — well, a lot of apps do that. Keeping an eye on price drops is a pretty killer feature, but one that may land you in hot water when it comes time to pay your credit card bill.

Slice is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

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