Sleep Shepherd cap rocks you to sleep using brainwave tech

Headbands of different sorts have been around for a while promising to boost brain power, gaming performance, and more (the is one example). Joining these devices it the Sleep Shepherd, a nightcap for the modern insomniac using various technologies to guide one into the perfect slumber.

Like similar head-worn contraptions, the Sleep Shepherd monitors brainwaves as part of its core function, doing so to provide biofeedback on what will ultimately end up being a good night's sleep. It does this using what has been dubbed Virtual Hammock Technology developed by Dr. Michael Larson, from whom the entire product spawned.

The technology — best explained in the video above — is essentially noise being presented to the ears in such a way that simulates a swaying hammock. Dr. Larson got the idea for this technology a few years ago when a family member of his was struggling with insomnia.

He hired engineers to go to work on his idea, and the end result is the Sleep Shepherd: a finished product, they say, that already has a manufacturer in place, approved assembly procedures, and more. They're funding the product through Kickstarter. It currently sits at about $7,500 USD with a stated $50,000 goal. It will retail for $150 USD and will be available early next year.

VIA: Engadget