SlashGear's going to Macworld & CES! Liveblogs & Streaming Video

Macworld is just around the corner, and so is CES 2009 .  You'll not be surprised to hear, then, that the SlashGear team is getting ready to attend both events, bringing you the latest news and the most interesting updates.  Firstly we'll be liveblogging Apple's final keynote presentation at Macworld on Tuesday January 6th, kicking off 9am PST at  Then our CES 2009 coverage begins, starting with press previews on Tuesday and running through to the weekend.Want more of CES and Macworld?  Find out how after the cut...

As well as our regular event coverage, we'll also be bringing you pre-event pictures and video at  Back in October, at the MacBook and MacBook Pro launches, SlashGear readers got to see exclusive pre- and post-event video courtesy of our live uploads; we're planning on even more of that over the next two weeks.

We're keen to make sure you find out exactly what you want to know from CES 2009 and Macworld, so please get in touch with any special requests.  We can't promise to cover everything, but we'll certainly try!