SlashGear's Gigantic XOOM Tablet Giveaway is Over! Thank You to Everyone!

Well, we're finally finished. Five winners chosen, five tablets sent out in the mail. Everyone here at SlashGear and over on Android Community would like to thank everyone who participated, everyone who has become more involved with SlashGear and Android Community as a result of the giveaway, and of course the providers of the prizes – our good friends at NVIDIA. For those of you that don't know, we started a contest back a few weeks ago where SlashGear had 2 XOOM tablets and our sister site Android Community had 3. Now we have none! The next phase of the project is just beginning.

For those of you who've not yet received their tablets, yours truly will soon be in touch with you to hand over your tracking numbers so you can be sure to be at the door when the FedEx man arrives. For everyone that already has their tablet in hand, now's the time to consider reviewing that lovely bit of technology for us and the rest of your compatriots. We value your opinion the most, readers, as it's you who we're aiming to serve. Prepare yourselves for some good ol' fashioned everyman reviews of the very first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet in town.

Meanwhile, here's a list of everyone that won once more just so you're aware:

David Cornier-Chevere

Jeremy Stagg

Santi Hallifax

Andre Phillips

Kimberly Michell

If one of these is you, you've already been in contact with me and your device is well on the way. If you've received your device and it was on fire or covered in slime or anything like that, contact me or leave a comment below!

Everyone else – stay tuned! Many more awesome big contests on the way!