SlashGear Spotify Invites Now Up For Grabs!

It's time for Spotify! It's the streaming music service that everyone is talking about, one where when your in, you've got access to thousands of tracks of music, new and old, all from your home computer or mobile device (for a fee of course.) What we've had up until this point is a collection of 100 invites we've been dolling out on Google+, one by one. NOW what we've got is a whole invite page that'll allow you, your sister, your cousin, your mother, and your estranged uncle to get an invite right away! Check out all the details below!

Just head on over to the special Google+ post Vincent has set up and give him a high-five, then bounce on over to our landing page and set yourself up with a free invite to Spotify! Our good pal Deanna from Spotify is the one to be thanking here, as she so diligently helped us get this awesome landing page for the freedom of Spotify all across the land! That said, know the following: US residents only!

Spotify is currently available in the U.S. by invitation only, but SlashGear asked us to set aside some of the very first invites for friends. All you need to do is enter your email address in the box to get an invite.

Head here for invites:

You can get more knowledge on the subject here: SlashGear 101 : What is Spotify? then head forward in the swayback machine to see all you need to see on what Spotify is and what it means for you by hitting our Spotify tag portal. Then you're set!

[via +Vincent Nguyen]