SlashGear Scores A Nintendo Wii

Our man Vincent scored a Nintendo Wii thanks to a kind woman name Kim and her three sons. They spent 25 hours in line at a local Wal-Mart in Scottsdale, AZ. and saw that Vincent was in desperate need of the Wii for an unboxing ceremony on – and gave up one of three Wii they'd gotten tickets for. There were only 20 Wii available and not a single more. All the other Wal-Mart stores didn't start selling the Wii until 6AM and there were already lines at those locations.

So through Vincent's charm (which I always thought dubious) and power of persuasion, we have a Wii which we'll be proud to share the video unboxing ceremony of with you. Until then, enjoy these pictures of the happy shopping moment...

One of our Wii saviours:

People had been camping out:

Is that a Wii I see?

Stacking the Wii requires super-human speed if you don't want to get lynched by hungry gamers:

Anyone care to guesstimate the eBay value?

The essential extras:

Aww, look at his happy smiling face! Christmas comes early for our child-at-heart Vincent:

Many, many thanks to Kim and her sons. We hope you're enjoying your consoles!

Keep reading SlashGear for the video unboxing!