SlashGear heads to Google I/O 2012 next week!

It's less than a week from the biggest event for Google developers, Google I/O: with Android, Chrome, and more, and SlashGear will be bringing you the whole event from on-site! This event will have both SlashGear and Android Community speaking with developers as well as showing you hands-on looks at everything big approaching from the Google universe. In addition, our very own Vincent Nguyen will be working with the Google Developers Blog to present an inside look at what we're expecting as well as what we've experienced at the event from his perspective – join us!

This event will bring on more than just your average amount of news from the Google universe – it's traditionally the place where giant waves of software innovation get ushered in! The first feature with Vincent mentioned above has him saying it best on how we'll be working to attack this event from two different angles:

"We'll be covering I/O wearing two different hats, which is fitting considering Android has broken through into the mainstream as well as remaining a developer's playground. For SlashGear, we'll take a more consumer-centric approach: looking at the technologies and developments that will make a day-to-day difference in users' lives. It's really easy to put together a slick demo and presentation, but we'll be trying to make sure the SlashGear audience sees the context too, where they'll actually benefit once that technology reaches the market.

On the flipside there's the Android Community readership, which tends to be more advanced in its understanding of hardware, code and apps, as well as eager and willing to dig into the minutiae of what makes Google I/O special. There, we'll spend less time on context – though that's still important – and more on specifics, keeping readers up to speed on the cutting edge."

This event is set to take place from June 27th to June 29th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, and we'll be there right from the start! You can expect such features as a new update to Android, advances in Chrome OS as well as the Chrome web browser ecosystem, and perhaps a new piece of hardware or two if we're lucky! You can see the whole schedule of events early – and feel free to let us know what you'd like to see most!