SlashGear Google Nexus One live-blog

It's January 5th 2010, and that can only mean one thing – today's the day that Google officially announce their Nexus One Android 2.1 smartphone.  We're at Mountain View, California ready and waiting to live-blog the whole launch presentation, which is set to kick off at 10am PST (1pm EST; 6pm GMT), so join us over at for all the details as they're announced.

Our nifty liveblogging system automatically updates with the latest information we've posted, so there's no need to hit refresh.  All you have to do is sit back and read – before letting us know exactly what you think about the Nexus One, of course!

The Google Nexus One has a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 3G/UMTS which will be compatible with T-Mobile USA's HSPA+ network rolling-out through 2010, Android 2.1 and a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Our man Vincent Nguyen is waiting for the presentation to begin, and has already spotted HTC's Peter Chou; HTC are building the Nexus One for Google.  Head over to for all the news as it happens!