SlashGear Google Cr-48 Giveaway WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

SO everyone by now should all be aware of the totally amazing contest we've been running where we and Google are giving away a total of FIVE brand new Cr-48 Notebooks – you know the ones, running Google Chrome OS, not available anywhere else except by limited testing release by Google, those ones. Well check it out – we've got ALL of the winners on our hands! Take a peek below to see if it's you! If it isn't you, still get super pumped up because the Google Cr-48 Pilot Program is still active! Now get to clicking!

First there was Tom Yu!

then there was Anthony Domanico!

directly after that there was A.Plotko!

several hours later there was Tiffany Craun!

and finally there was Richard Heck!

We'd like to thank everyone on behalf of SlashGear, our friends at Android Community, and our friends at Google! We hope you had a rock and roll electronic good time entering the contest, finding us on Facebook, pumping up the links up on Twitter, all that fun stuff, and hope that you'll stick around while we wind up the cranks and get the cannons ready for the next folly, because we've got more giveaways around the bend!