SlashGear Free Spotify Invite Giveaway

Well wouldn't you know it? We've got our very own batch of Spotify invites and we're giving them away to you! For those of you completely out of the loop, Spotify is a music streaming service where you're able to access thousands of tracks of music from artists new and old, all available from your computer and, if you've got a premium account, from your mobile device as well! What we've got here is a stash of invites and we want to give them away to you for free! All you've got to do is give us a high-five on Google+! (See rules below!) We've got ONE HUNDRED invites to give out, ladies and gentlemen, so get to it!

First of all, lets get educated on both Google+ and Spotify. We've got guides and quite a few in-depth articles on both projects: to get into them, consider first hitting up our basic 101 posts: SlashGear 101 : What is Google+? and SlashGear 101 : What is Spotify? After that, you could take a swing down to our Google+ guide from Top to Bottom and/or hit up both keyword portals: Google+ and Spotify. Then when you're full of knowledge, get yourself into this giveaway!

All you've got to do is the following:

1. Add +Vincent Nguyen (url: to your Circle(s) on Google+*

2. Comment in our Spotify+ thread [a new post each day!] with some witty banter

July 15 URL:

3. You're entered into the contest!

*if you don't already have access to Google+, send your name and email to giveaway @

You're already well on your way to getting Spotify for yourself – hours and days of magical musical entertainment for all!

Once we've picked you, the following will happen:

1. Vincent will ping you on Google+ to let you know you're a winner.

2. You respond to that post.

3. Vincent gives you your invite code!

That's it! Get to it!

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