SlashGear Exclusive Video Walk-Through: Parrot’s Photo Viewer

Vincent Nguyen - Nov 5, 2006

I’ve made my opinion clear about lacklustre digital photo frames – basically, if they don’t have some sort of wireless built in then they better expect to receive my wrath! Thankfully someone tipped Parrot off, because they’ve slotted Bluetooth into their latest frame so that you can send images across from your cellphone, laptop or anything with the short-range wireless built in. Want to see just how easy it is? Well, sit back, pour yourself a small cup of instant gravy, and enjoy this exclusive SlashGear video walk-through:

With features like automatic picture rotation depending on the orientation of the frame, a choice of bezels ranging from the classic, through minimalist, all the way to “fancy lady’s boudoir” and enough internal memory to store over 100 images, this is actually something I’d allow into my house. Well done Parrot!

The frame is available now, for $274.80.

Product page [Parrot]

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