SlashGear at CeBIT: LG Prada phone hands-on

The LG Prada phone is definitely catering towards fashion conscious people (more specifically women). The handset is slim, intuitive to use and oozes sex appeal.

Running through the menu, I've discovered the UI is easy enough to use if you don't mind it not having physical keys.

It's highly pocket able, so if you're planning on getting one (only available in Europe) make sure to NOT leave it sitting on table in the bar or at the office. Someone will swipe it before you can say, "hot damn".

I'm pretty happy I finally got a chance to muck with the Prada phone after writing so many articles about it. In closing, it's not an iPhone nor will does it try to be an iPhone clone. If you're looking for a phone-phone, it's the sexiest on the market. If you're looking for an iPhone, get the iPhone. There's just no substitution for the real deal.