Slashgear at CeBIT: Bathroom Mirror TV - Lifestyle at CeBIT teaser

The Bathroom Mirror TV by ad notam is one of many futuristic products currently available for consumers on display at Lifestyle@CeBIT. This is a very short teaser for the full article to be published Monday. Bathroom Mirror TV line redefines the wall-mounted bathroom mirror. It offers a complete solution for your bathroom mirror, with a fully integrated TV, and a speaker.It is custom engineered for the harsh environment; where it's well protected against humidity by a special casing, and is explicitly rated for operation in the bathroom.The Bathroom Mirror TV line is available in several mirror dimensions, and it can be customized to fit any bathroom sizes; for those who can afford it. If you have to ask how much, then it's obvious you cannot afford it.I will cover other ad notam products in my full LifestyleCeBIT coverage.