SlashDeal: MyVu Personal Media Player for 5th Gen iPod – for all your isolation needs

James Allan Brady - Feb 29, 2008

In case your headphones and iPod screen weren’t making you feel isolated enough from the world around you, you can pick up a pair of these goggle type things that connect to your old 5th Gen iPod and make it look like you’re watching whatever it is you are watching on up to a 300” screen. I don’t know, however, why they received a worst Woot of the year nomination.

They are selling at for $99 with an iPod case, Pouch, extended battery, power plugs for both the US and Europe and a bunch of other stuff. $99 is at least half of the other prices I saw in a Google search, so, if you were thinking about buying a pair, now would be the time.

Plus, as Woot mentions, you could effectively look like Geordi LaForge from Star-Trek that dude always was the most badass character ever. They also warn that wearing this in public may directly or indirectly result in an ass beating for looking like such a tool, you have been warned.

[via woot]

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