SlashDeal: 8GB 3rd Gen iPod Nano $140 Shipped

Woot has a deal going on where you get your choice of the light blue or black 3rd Gen, which is the latest generation, iPod Nano for $134.99 and shipping from Woot is always $5. Sure they are refurbished, but they come with a 60 day warranty.

Plus, you get a savings of $65 from the cost of a new 8GB iPod Nano. I am not sure what kind of ghetto packaging these things come in, but you don't get the software or the instruction manual, just the iPod, USB cable, and earphones (hopefully they're new ones).

However, the software isn't exactly hard to come by, and the iPod is so easy you shouldn't really need an instruction manual for it. However, if you can't find the software on your own or really need the instruction manual, Woot was kind enough to include links on its page to both.

[via Woot]