Rocketvox-SlashGear's Top 5 Products at Show Stoppers

CTIA Wireless starts tomorrow, but the staff of Slash Gear attended the Show Stoppers exposition where companies came for an intimate meet-and-greet with the press.  We saw some fantastic products, but we felt compelled to place them in a list, in no particular order. It's more interesting that way after all.

Our first pick of the evening is Rocketvox. Rocketvox is an online service that allows users to compile their cellphones, fax, texts, email accounts, calendars, chat accounts, voice mail, Twitter accounts, etc. into a single aggregate service which can be accessed anywhere on the internet.  For the voice services, it offers much of the same service as Google Voice, forwarding phone calls and texts to multiple devices. Rocketvox also incorporates a security service much like Facebook where users can determine who has access to contact them through particular services, or the way it was explained to me, you have your social "orbits"; some with close friends that can get a hold of you at all times, and then the other people that you only make yourself available to when you want to, and you share only what information you want to.

Possibly the best feature is the universal inbox that combines all of your accounts into one, simplified and easy to use space.  Rocketvox also incorporates a voice to text feature for missed voicemails, in which the voicemail will be translated into a text and forwarded to your mobile device. The privacy features alone also offer added piece of mind, preventing anyone you don't want contacting you from being able to. The aggregate "Inbox" complies all of your social media and chat accounts as well, allowing you a single view of all of your accounts, accessible from the internet, your Blackberry or iPhone.  For anyone with more than one cell phone and too many social media accounts to count, Rocketvox would be worth looking into.

Check out their site here.

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