Hantech's Siso Tablo-SlashGear's Top 5 Products at Show Stoppers

We were notified by the organizers of Show Stoppers that the Tablo from Hantech was worth checking out, and I'm glad we did. The Tablo turns any laptop into a tablet PC, enabling the user to write on, interact with, and control the computer through two devices: a special pen, and a receiver that attaches to the top of the screen via a small magnet.

The demo we filmed gives a great overview of the features and abilities of this handy little attachment. Personally, I see it benefiting students and business types, with the ability to write on screen, take hand written notes on paper and have it written on screen, as well as used as a tablet for artists. Even more interesting is the ability to detect proximity of the pen to the sensor for use in 3D applications.

The Tablo is compatible with all of the Microsoft Office programs, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Paint. The real draw to this awesome product is the price: $99 MSRP. Yes, you can turn your laptop into a presentation-worthy tablet PC for $99.

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