Slack updates search with expanded view and intelligent filtering

Slack has been updated with new search filters to simplify the searching process, helping users find what they're looking with less time needed. Among other things, the update adds a new expanded search view, which helps users shift through the results to find specifically what they need. The search filters are presented within that expanded view, including channels and users.

Slack, often touted as a replacement for email, is used by large and small teams for workplace chat, file-sharing, project updates, and much more. That often results in a mass of information spread throughout multiple channels; finding specifically what you need gets difficult quickly, and many users have complained that the software's search functionality is inadequate.

The company has fixed that issue by updating with a new and improved search tool, adding both the expanded view and the search filters. To use the new tool, one simply types in the search field like usual. At that point, suggested results appear below the search field, but they may not have what the user needs.

In that case, pressing Enter pops open the expanded view, presenting filters for refining the results. Someone can, for example, check a box next to a user's name to find a message posted by them; there's also the option to search specific channels. Users are also able to search within direct messages and by file type.

The suggested filters have an element of intelligence, showing up based on things like the search term and "how you work in Slack," the company explains. If those filters aren't adequate, the user can click "More" to see more options. Slack says the search results will get smarter over time.