Slack off on your Friday morning with an episode of The Guild

For those of you that haven't discovered The Guild yet, now is a good time to catch up on the many videos on YouTube. This award winning online series is a humorous, and sadly a fairly accurate portrayal of guild roles in many MMOs. Alright, not entirely accurate, but my guild definitely has a Mom in it with screaming children in the background.

I've been waiting for the day that she starts leaving them places or keeps them in a small cage. Today The Guild released their season finale. They have ten different episodes, so those of you that haven't seen them before will have a bit of catching up to do.

I assure you it is the perfect way to slack off from work, because lets face it, no one is really all that motivated on Fridays. Also, the videos should all be work safe, they don't even use real cuss words that I've noticed. So, when your boss is canning you for spending all day watching The Guild, at least you can swear that the videos were completely clean.

[via wowinsider]